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PeopleQlik Talent Management Solutions

Manage your talent effectively and efficiently with PeopleQlik’s talent management solution.

Organizations require focusing on employee performance because unattended employee performance can lead to challenges. Talent development and performance tuning are key elements of the PeopleQlik talent management software.

PeopleQlik HRMS software is the key to your business excellence

PeopleQlik Talent Acquisition

Business organizations incline because of excellent hiring ability along with the practices of HR. Their main focus is efficiency & talent.The robust requirement module allows organizations to get the best talented employee in their business in time by PeopleQlik.

You’re hiring and recruitment tasks can be completed in a fast, simple and efficient manner, Feedback and interview scheduling can also be managed easily by scheduling feature of HR tool.     It helps to automate and online data extraction.

PeopleQlik Applicant Management

We help hiring manager’s plan and close vacancies based on a time. We offer a user-friendly and intuitive applicant management solution that enables you to manage, upload and track applicants throughout the process.

PeopleQlik Requisition Management

It makes the hiring process quick, simple and efficient. This module will aid you to complete the pre-employment verification of applicant.

PeopleQlik New Hire on Boarding

PeopleQlik Interview and Selection Management, Interview and Selection Management ensure you to schedule interviews, do feedback, and select the most suitable applicants The HR Management module makes it easy to update your newly hired pay and work information. Information about new hires is automatically updated

PeopleQlik Interview and Selection Management

Selection Management & Our Interview, lets you select the most appropriate candidate, perform feedback, and you schedule interviews. It certainly Aids to evaluate candidates consequently to the requirements.

PeopleQlik Offers Management

PeopleQlik provides an administration module that provides simple steps to create an offer letter and record an applicant’s acceptance.

PeopleQlik Performance Alignment

The PeopleQlik performance alignment module poses a retention challenge as a result of unattended employee performance.

Employees can manage their performance, evaluate their goals, and then plan their design and basic feedback.  We help managers, such as suggesting strategies to improve assess performance in a timely manner, evaluate top talent. The performance management module in our system is the focus of on-line performance assessment and talent development tools

PeopleQlik Administration and Compensation Planning

PeopleQlik compensation planning module encourages pay for performance culture in organizations. We offer maker checker validation and this validation helps you to be accurate with process. PeopleQlik supports the generation of total rewards statement for employees and allow each employee to publish it in his/her respective login.

PeopleQlik 360 Degree Feedback

The PeopleQlik HRMS performance management solution enables you to develop feedback templates, select evaluators, initiate processes and evaluate feedback. 360-degree feedback allows you to understand how your employees fit into organization’s overall layout. Evaluators include peers, down, up and outsiders and their feedback are very important.

PeopleQlik Performance Management

A powerful performance management module helps managers assess and audit employee performance. Let your employees perform well and deliver maximum productivity, with PeopleQlik performance management. Performance adjustment is a key factor in organizational development.

PeopleQlik Goal Management

Transparent performance assessment process plays a pivotal role in any organization’s success. Set, track and update the goals of employees across an organization through PeopleQlik’s highly efficient and active goal management module.

PeopleQlik Rewards Management

PeopleQlik rewards management module helps you to acknowledge you employee’s key achievements during the tenure. This module is the only source of reference through which you can follow the progress of each and every employee. As we believe that hard work and merit never goes unnoticed.

PeopleQlik Talent Development

Talent development supports the company to provide sufficient talent pool for a specific job by focusing on individual skills, behaviors and expertise. The PeopleQlik Talent Development Module allows organizations to manage human capital and reduce risk .It enables you to improve critical capabilities to business’s strengths and reduce management risk.

PeopleQlik Succession Management

It is an active ongoing business process with dynamic market requirements that align talent identification, assessment and development with broad strategic planning because Succession management effectively protects leadership.

When the location is located, all the capabilities, including knowledge, behavior, and skills are effectively mapped. Start the process of identifying and nominating winners and follow up with the development plan and its supervision. The final step is the follow-up preparation and closure, which allows the organization to choose successors.The PeopleQlik succession management module quickly identifies the key points based on key areas such as job openings and their impact on company’s ability to perform normal operations and retention risks such as positions.

PeopleQlik Social Recognition Framework

PeopleQlik social cognitive framework makes understanding simple, economical and effective. PeopleQlik provides a specialized module to meet the psychological needs of employees’ .each employee joins any company that has some expectation that he / she have some psychological requirement to maintain his performance. Actively influence staff morale and motivation, and send quick and congratulatory notes to colleagues. . Companies that are focused on meeting employee needs can take advantage of PeopleQlik’s social awareness framework. You can also send a reward to the entire department or team to congratulate you on clicks of the photo.

PeopleQlik Learning Management

Use PeopleQlik HRMS software to make an efficient and effective learning organization. The Learning Management module updates critical capabilities that are essential for business excellence. This difference in behavior and skills makes training an essential tool. Targeted training and development programs result in low training costs, everyone is different and has different requirements according to their abilities and skills. PeopleQlik’s training management solutions ensures organizations to strengthen their resources, skills, making worth full asset for company.

PeopleQlik Competency Management

This module helps to polish the skills of staff needs, explore hidden talent, and enhance efficiency. Use PeopleQlik’s competency management software to approach competencies by determining the caliber of employee, you can recognize their abilities and it will increase your employees ‘abilities.